Flower Madness Bracket - 2023

Flower Madness Bracket - 2023

Last year's March Madness tournament featuring our past Design Stars was so much fun that we just had to come up with another fun bracket for you all! This year, fill out a bracket where flowers face off against one another. The catch: you are not choosing your favorite flower between each pair, but rather... 


Let's play a little game! 🌻


You have from March 1st - 10th to submit your bracket. We will announce the winner on Mayesh's Instagram on Friday, Mach 17th.



Choose the flowers you think were the most popular from last year. We are determining popularity based on mayesh.com website sales.

To add a level of difficulty, we selected flowers by type and color. We also did not select the TOP TOP sellers because that would have been WAY TOO EASY for you all. No Red Roses or White Hydrangea here.

There are five rounds in the bracket, select "View Full Bracket" to see where you are at in the prediction process, FILL OUT THE ENTIRE BRACKET and then submit your predictions.



A Mayesh Pull up to $350 featuring the winning flower.


We hope you have fun with this and encourage your fellow flower friends to play as well.

Anyone can play, but only Mayesh customers can win. 


Note: You will have to "login" after you submit your predictions so your brackets are saved in the system & we will know who won the Mayesh Pull Prize! If you are not a Mayesh customer and would like to be, please REGISTER HERE.








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