Flower 411: Peonies Available, While Scabiosa Limited

Flower 411 Peonies 

As promised, we're teaming up with our awesome Purchasing Department to bring you Flower 411, product updates on a more consistent basis! Here's the most recent as of this weekend. Enjoy!




  • Agonis- very limited- going off crop
  • Amaranthus- red hanging limited
  • Anemone Japanese- finished
  • Banksia – Orange extremely limited- no green, coccinea avail
  • Bear Grass -Super- off crop
  • Birch Victorian- just starting
  • Birds- avail
  • Blackberries-finished
  • Buddleia- finished
  • Campanula- avail
  • Cone Flower- finished
  • Cotinus- finished
  • Dahlias- winter production- basic colors- limited
  • Dahlias- Ball are finished
  • Delph Dark Blue- prices going up
  • Delph Bella/Waltz White- extremely limited pre book only
  • Delph Hybrid White- extremely limited pre book only
  • Echinops- hit and miss-very limited
  • Fern Shoots- limited and price increase
  • Figs- finished
  • Flannel Flower- extremely limited – only one source with small numbers- very hit or miss
  • Gerbers- white and fall colors limited
  • Godetia- finished
  • Grass wild foxtail- finished after hurricane
  • Heather- hot pink and white avail
  • Helleborus- green only, no colors 
  • Hops- finished for the season
  • Iris- blue available- colors very limited
  • Ivy tree variegated- not available, green is available
  • Jasmine- non flowering- very limited
  • Kangaroo paw- Dutch only
  • Kochia- Dutch only (Israel will start soon with better pricing)
  • Kumquats- finished
  • Larkspur- White extremely limited, cant fill req numbers. Larkspur in general is expensive right now
  • Lavender- English- has gotten to the point in the season where it has natural browning mixed in with the open flower. Order at your own risk. NO CREDITS
  • Lilac- white only available
  • Lisianthus- blush and peach are the same thing- only getting a champagne/peach. Brown is pre book only!!
  • Lysmachia- Dutch only
  • Nagi- off crop
  • Ninebark- Finished
  • Oak Leaves fresh- finished
  • Oriental Lily whites- limited and prices going up
  • Orlaya- finished
  • Paper whites- starting
  • Passion vine- available
  • Peony- available
  • Peppers-Chili-Black- not seeing any
  • Persimmon- available
  • Pokeweed- finished
  • Pomegranate- limited
  • Poppy pods-  finished
  • Portland- berries and sticks only!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Protea white- extremely limited!!!!
  • Pumpkin- no more shipments- what is available in inventory is what we have
  • Rovers ----- This year the California growers have developed a rust problem so will not have any production, so please put your needs into Komet as a prebook. Please keep in mind that rovers grown in Colombia are generally more expensive than California grown.
  • Raspberries- finished
  • Rosehips- Pumpkin from Oregon finished, only red avail locally- green and orange are finished
  • Saracena (cobra lily)- not available
  • Scabiosa- white very limited locally. Burgundy is starting to get limited.
  • Sedum all shades- finished
  • Smilax- limited
  • Snaps- There is NO peach snap being grown locally- if you req it you will get talisman. Pinks- please either req for light pink or dark pink, if you req for pink you will get buyers choice.
  • Snowberries- finishing- pink only
  • Stock- limited- yellow, red, fuchsia extremely limited
  • Sunflowers- chocolate- not available
  • Statice- tissue limited
  • Sweet peas- not available
  • Thryptomene/ calycina---- finished for the season
  • Tulip Frilled White- not available
  • Viburnum- finished
  • Vine Maple- finished (liquid amber is available)
  • Yarrow cottage- peach finished
  • Yarrow Yellow- finished locally


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