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Employee Referral Program

  Do you know someone who would be a great fit to work at Mayesh? We're hiring talented, friendly people for a range of positions all over the...
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Financial & Educational Floral Design Resources

  We recently received an email from a new floral designer asking if we could point her in the right direction for financial aid opportunities in...
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MDS x Beautiful People: Floral Marketing

  In her second video, Hafsa sits down with Darya Gault & Rachel Afshari of Lemon Press Nantucket to discuss floral marketing, and how she uses...
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Memorial Day Flowers 2021

  The Memorial Day Flowers event is upon us, and while we are not supplying flowers this year due to product shortages, we wanted to share these...
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Flower 411: May & June 2021

  The weather is warming up and so are some of our favorite flower varieties!  Check out the list below for product availability on wholesale...
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Local Spring Flowers & Update on Greens

  With so many recent product challenges due to weather, logistics, and the pandemic, we wanted to share some readily available gorgeous local...
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