MDS x Beautiful People: Restaurant Dried Floral Installation

  In her first video, Hafsa creates a dried floral installation for Lemon Press, a local Nantucket eatery featuring organic health foods, juices,...
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Mayesh Design Star Featured Designer: Hafsa Lewis

  Now that Mother's Day has come & gone, it's time to sit back, relax & enjoy getting to know our newest Design Star!
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San Francisco Reopens in Full Bloom

  You may have already seen this, but we thought it was too cool not to share ourselves!   On May 1st, in celebration of the city reopening &...
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Are You in the Mother's Day Game?

  With so many changes & shifts happening throughout our industry over the past year, we were super curious to find out how many of you are...
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Mornings with Mayesh: Putnam & Putnam on Flower Color Theory

  Darroch and Michael Putnam of Putnam & Putnam were my very special guests on yesterday's Mornings with Mayesh!! They have collaborated on...
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Mornings with Mayesh: Dutch Still Life Flowers & Wedding Flowers

  This episode featuring Gilberto Espinoza, of Dogwood & Fir, really covers a wide range of topics - everything from design principles to...
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