Beautiful People of the Flower Industry: Amy Barene

  In today's episode, Val chats with Amy Barene of Capital Blooms in Olympia, WA. They talk about her journey into the flower industry, being...
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Mornings with Mayesh: Inspiration & the Creative Process

Our Mayesh Design Star, Tyson Lee of Mister Lee Designs, was my guest on yesterday's live show! We chatted about his second flower design tutorial...
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Chrysanthemum Week 

  At the beginning of September, your Mayesh correspondent David Dahlson traveled to Medellin, Colombia, where most of all the Chrysanthemum...
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Folklore mexicano en flores con Ana Galena

  En este video, Ana Galena nos comparte por medio de las flores, lo que representa para ella ser mexicana. La cultura mexicana se trata de gozar...
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IG Live: Cristina Barragan on Pricing, Systems, Testimonials

  Our friend from Fleursociety, Cristina Barragan joined me for a live today on Instagram! We chatted about Cristina’s tips on how to price with...
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MDS x Beautiful People: Avant-Garde Floral Wig

  In his first video, Tyson showed you how he would create a ready-to-wear floral wig for a bride, and in this video, he's taking it to the next...
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