6 Website Tips for Florists


In this day and age, technology is ever-present. In fact, a quarter of Americans are reported online constantly, and three-quarters of Americans go online daily. Having a website for your business is not an option - it’s an absolute must these days! Sure, Instagram can give your potential clients a great first impression and showcase your style and talent, but what about getting to know the designer more, and driving actual sales? A website contains so much more valuable information about you and your business and can help set you apart from your competitors. Read on for our top advice from our last Mornings with Mayesh to make sure your website is driving business for you!




Website Content


  • Include your business's location in an easily accessible spot on your website - make it obvious on the landing page.
  • Add a blog to your site! Posting a summary of your events with photos shows potential customers what you can do - bonus points if you include location details of the event for SEO purposes! A blog is also very important because you own it, as opposed to Instagram or Facebook, which you don't own. If those were to disappear tomorrow, so would your content and images. If that content also lives on a blog, you will have a digital footprint as long as you keep your site up.
  • Have a detailed contact form - include questions that will help better qualify potential clients.
  • Consider creating a branding video to embed on your website so potential clients can get to know. Check out our newest Mayesh Design Star, Shean Strong, for inspiration for a great branding video.



Website Design


  • Use a platform that is user friendly - SquareSpace is a great option that is affordable, easy to use, and has a variety of modern layouts.
  • Make sure all text is easy to read when placed on a photo - darkening the image or playing with opacity can help text to pop off the image.



Have any other must-have features for a business website? Share your ideas in the comments below!


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