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Flower 411: July 2020

  And we're back with *drumroll* .... our monthly Flower 411! Many thanks to our amazing purchasing team for putting this list together - check...
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Flower 411: March 2020

  The world of wholesale flowers can be complicated - what is available now, what is not available anymore, what is expensive, what needs more...
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Managing Burnout and the Quest for Excellence

  For our third and final installment of the excellence-themed blog collaboration with Curate, Curate partners Rachel Bridgwood and Lauren...
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What Flower Are You?

By now you've probably seen all the What _____ Are You filters (meme, Trader Joe's item, Taco Bell taco, you name it, it probably exists!) We love...
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Perfection vs. Excellence

  For part two of our February excellence-themed blog collaboration with Curate, we bring you Katie Penfield of Katiebug Florals! In this post...
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Striving For Excellence

  We are so excited to present to you a February blog series from our friends at Curate! Following a the theme of excellence, we will have three...
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