*NEW* Extra Jumbo White Hydrangea

*NEW* Extra Jumbo White Hydrangea

There's a new variety of white hydrangea in town, and she is huge! Equal in size to two, even three blooms of medium hydrangea, these beauties are a great value bloom & will provide fantastic coverage in floral designs. See Dani's head for scale!

We did some initial testing & discovered the following:

  • In a vase at room temperature, they will really fluff up from what you'll initially receive in the sleeve
  • They also remain pure white in water, and have not developed any blemishes, spots, creases or bruises
  • Very clean product

Make sure to ask your Sales Rep about this new South American variety - just tell them you're interested in the Extra Jumbo White Hydrangea!



extra jumbo white hydrangea2

extra jumbo white hydrangea

extra jumbo white hydrangea 3



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