Mayesh Design Star: Sustainbility Tricks for Retail Florists

Mayesh Design Star: Sustainbility Tricks for Retail Florists

In this Mayesh Design Star video tutorial with Abby Chick, we will explore innovative tricks that will not only reduce your plastic consumption but also enable you to create beautiful floral arrangements. These hacks are not only cost-effective, but are also better for the environment and provide more flexibility for florists.


Let's get to it! Keep scrolling for the video, materials list, instructions, and beautiful photographs of the finished design. Stay tuned for an exciting new video coming soon where we continue to share Abby's sustainable floral design practices.




Bamboo stick
Simple floral wire
Rubber bands
Chicken wire

Using Natural Materials as Cardholders

Instead of using plastic cardettes, which are single-use and contribute to plastic waste, you can use alternative materials as cardholders. One option is to take a bamboo stick and split it about half an inch down. You can then stick your card onto the split end and place it in your arrangement. Another option is to use a simple wire. Swirl the wire and slide your card in between the wire swirls. This allows the card to practically disappear into the arrangement and costs only about a penny.

Creating a Texturally Supportive Base

Traditionally, when making an arrangement in a low glass cylinder or cube, a stabilizing mechanic is required. However, using a tape grid can be time-consuming and less stable. Instead, you can create a texturally supportive base using a rubber band - reusing all of those bands that you receive from your flower bunches. Start by cleaning and breaking down your stems. Then, add them into your hand in a spiral or weave pattern, allowing the longer extending pieces to splay out to the sides. Once you're happy with the shape and size, secure the stems with a rubber band. This method is faster, more stable, and allows for easier water changes.

Using a Chicken Wire Roll-Up as an Alternative to Pin Frogs

Pin frogs are a great tool for creating sustainable arrangements, but they can be expensive. To create a more budget-friendly alternative, you can make a narrow sushi roll strip of chicken wire and angel vine. The angel vine provides internal support to prevent the chicken wire from collapsing. Simply roll up the chicken wire, overlapping several layers, and shape it into a ball. You can then affix the chicken wire roll-up to your vessel using double-sided tape or sticky dots. This alternative provides a secure hold for both thick and delicate stems.

Creating a Consistent Blend of Locally Sourced and Imported Flowers

To maintain a consistent design style throughout the year, use a blend of locally sourced or American grown along with imported flowers. For imports, look for hardy and interesting varieties. For example, carnation novelty mixes can provide unique color combinations that blend well with a palette. These flowers also have great hold and are budget-friendly. For local product, go for the unique and fun varieties that will be the feature stars of your designs.  By offering a consistent blend throughout the year, you can provide your customers with visually appealing arrangements while supporting American growers.

Using a Combination of Mechanics for Basket Arrangements

When creating arrangements in baskets, it can be challenging to find an alternative to traditional floral foam. Chicken wire is not suitable due to the thin plastic liner inside most baskets, and other mechanics may not retain water effectively. One solution is to use floral foam replacement, like Oasis' FibreFloral, and this technique will be demonstrated using a footed bowl instead of a basket for better visibility for this video. Start by using a traditional floral foam replacement, cutting it into small cubes, and filling the bowl with them. This not only helps retain water but also allows for the use of shorter stems that may be too short for other mechanics. Next, add a layer of angel vine or any dried vine material on top of the cubes to keep them in place. Secure the vine by using a twig or twine around the vessel. This combination of mechanics provides stability and allows for easy stem placement and adjustment.


Incorporating sustainable design mechanics into your floral arrangements not only reduces waste and reuses materials but also offers more flexibility and creativity. By using natural materials as cardholders, creating texturally supportive bases, finding alternatives to pin frogs, and combining mechanics for basket arrangements, you can create beautiful and eco-friendly designs. Remember, reduction is key in making lasting change, and by exploring these hacks, you can contribute to a more sustainable floral industry.

Stay tuned for my upcoming Mayesh design video, where Abby will demonstrate how to create different holiday centerpieces using these sustainable mechanics.


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Host & Designer: Abby Chick


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