Mornings with Mayesh: How to Streamline Your Business


Cristina Barragan of Fleursociety joined Yvonne to chat about business efficiency on Mornings with Mayesh!! A few topics that were discussed:

  • How to streamline, organize, systemize, automate your business + process?
  • Why is education important?
  • How can you stay relevant?


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Podcast replay, video replay, and show notes:





  • Before we get started, can you introduce yourself and share a bit of your flower story?

  • How has streamlining changed your business + life?
  • What do you use to stay organized the most?

  • How do you determine and create workflows?

  • Where have you invested in education? How do you determine where to invest in education?

  • How do you stand out in your market to attract clients?
    • Client experience

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