Mornings with Mayesh: Sarah Campbell of Intrigue Teaches

Mornings with Mayesh: Sarah Campbell of Intrigue Teaches

Sarah Campbell of Intrigue Teaches joined Yvonne to talk about all the work that is going into the 2022 Intrigued Experience Conference. Dive into the flowers, educators, venues, design trends, and more! If you have ever wondered what this gathering of inspired and driven floral designers is then be sure to tune in and learn about what brings these people and flower-focused industry leaders together!

Below are the podcast, video replay, and show notes:






  • Can you introduce yourself and share a bit about your flower story? (2019) (2020)

  • The floral industry seems to be buzzing about the Intrigued Experience Conference that you are hosting next week. Can you tell me about this event?

  • You have carved out your niche in the education sector of our industry. What makes the Intrigued Experience different from other workshops or conferences?

  • Do you teach full time or do you still design for weddings & events?

  • Who are the speakers at Intrigued Experience?

  • What flowers are you bringing in for the conference this year?

  • Tell me about the hands-on workshops during the Intrigued Experience conference. What will the designers be creating?

  • Speaking of design, what design & flower trends do you see coming in the near future?

  • Where do you host the Intrigued Experience Conference and how do you select a location? From my experience in planning workshops, this is often one of our most difficult tasks.

  • I see in your advertising that this is an "immersive event" what does that mean for attendees?

  • I see this event sells out super fast every year. How do designers get tickets?

  • When is your next Intrigued Experience Conference?



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