Mornings with Mayesh: Wellness Through Flowers

Mornings with Mayesh: Wellness Through Flowers

Earlier this week, Jelena Trifunovic of Viola Floral came to share her flower story with us. Jelena talks about how she ended up starting a business named after her mother, dives into how transitioning from teacher to florist went, how flowers were instrumental in her own healing, along with sharing about her passion for helping others understand the power of flowers and their positive effects on mental health. This is definitely a feel-good episode that reminds us all of why we love the floral industry and the part we play in spreading joy through flowers!

Below are the podcast, video replay, and show notes:




  • Tell us more about your transformation from a teacher and professor to a career in floral design.

  • Coming from a different background and starting your own business, I imagine there was much to learn. Can you share with us about that part of your journey as you discovered what it meant to own a flower business?

  • You are a working mom of 3, how has your business affected their lives?

  • Your company, Viola Floral, focuses on spreading joy through flowers via 5 different stems - can you talk about what those are?

  • What is the Viola Floral Experience?

  • I love what you are doing with your newest corporate workshop, Blooming in the Workplace. Can you describe that program for us and why it is so special?
  • You mentioned That Flower Feeling - if you haven't heard of that campaign - here are links to learn more and get free resources to promote flowers:
  • You have done a great deal of research on the positive effect flowers can have on our well-being. Can you share some of that research with us today?

  • What projects or workshops are ahead for you? 


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