Folklore mexicano en flores con Ana Galena

  En este video, Ana Galena nos comparte por medio de las flores, lo que representa para ella ser mexicana. La cultura mexicana se trata de gozar...
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Mayesh Design Star 2021

  Wow - what a year it has been. It seems surreal that it is coming to a close, but here we are! To be honest, if you asked us a few months ago if...
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Mayesh Design Star: Tropical Event Entry Installation

  Perfect for an event, wedding, cocktail party and more, Anthony walks you through his process on how to design a stunning tropical entry...
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Mayesh Design Star Video Anthony Maslo Dried Hanging Installation

Mayesh Design Star: Dried Hanging Installation

  After a successful first design video last month, we're so excited to share the second video of our 2020 Mayesh Design Star Video Series! In...
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Mayesh Design Star: Color Gradient Arrangement

  It's a new year, a new decade, and a new Mayesh Design Star - Anthony Maslo of The Boy Who Cried Flowers! To kick off his 2020 video series,...
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Mayesh Design Star: Flowers in a Cloche

  Cloches and bell jars have been used for centuries to display and protect items of adoration - they are beautiful and romantic. For his last...
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