That Flower Feeling Webinar Replay

That Flower Feeling Webinar Replay

I recently had the privilege of being part of a panel discussion that delved into the best ways to harness the power of That Flower Feeling in the floral industry, specifically among florists. If you missed the live event, don't worry! You can catch up by scrolling down to watch the replay of the informative webinar video.

For those who may not be familiar with That Flower Feeling, it is a dynamic marketing initiative that was conceived approximately two years ago with the primary objective of amplifying the number of Americans who experience the joy of flowers on a more frequent basis. In collaboration with a renowned marketing agency, CalFlowers fashioned a visually stunning and amusing campaign that places a strong emphasis on seamlessly integrating fresh blooms into one's daily self-care routine.

This vibrant and compelling campaign encompasses a diverse range of marketing assets, including captivating social media content and engaging videos. What's even more exciting is that these assets are readily available to floral professionals, empowering them to leverage these resources for their own marketing endeavors and effectively promote the beauty of flowers to consumers nationwide.

This hour-long webinar covers how to download the assets, an overview of the campaign's impressive results so far, social media best practices, success stories from different companies who have used the assets, how to make the content your own, how to amplify the message using #selfcaresunday, and so much more. 

Grab all of the FREE marketing assets for That Flower Feeling by registering here

Let me know what you think of this campaign and if you think it could help you increase your sales with your customers in the comments below!




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