Winter Seasonal Garden Rose Program

Winter Seasonal Garden Rose Program

We're so excited to partner with Alexandra Farms on an incredible Winter Seasonal Garden Rose Program you won't want to miss out on!


Why should you set up a standing Garden Rose order?


Garden Roses are a great option for you this winter:
  • Long lasting varieties (10 days plus vase life)
  • Differentiator (not found at any Walmart!)
  • Special Winter pricing
  • Small box counts (48 stems)
  • Custom packed varieties


Set up a Winter Seasonal order from December 7th to April 19th

(Yes, including V-day and Easter!)

  • Minimum order is only 48 stems a week (4 bunches)
  • Pick and choose from over 40 garden rose varieties to create your own customized pack from our five lines (Deluxe, Premium Deluxe, Princess, Wabara and of course… David Austin)
  • Same low weekly price for the entire period



Deadline to set up your order: November 25, 2020
5% discount on purchase of three or more boxes!


See below for pricing, and connect with your Sales Rep to set up your custom Alexandra Farms Winter Garden Rose order!


Alexandra Farms Winter Program Prices


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