Alstroemeria "Astronova"

There is a new development in Alstroemeria breeding which has resulted in these new "disbud" form, in other words, one large bloom per stem. The series is known as "Astronova" and currently is available in shades of lavender and pink.

Ancha is a lavender color, with a pale yellow center and the ubiquitous dark spots and stripes; Cursa is a pretty pale lilac pink with a blush center but no stripes; Metak is a purple bloom with a complementary yellow center; Gemma is my favorite with splashes dark pink and pink on the petal margins with a pale blush wash in the center and spots and flecks. Gemma reminds me of an oversize Azalea bloom and compares favorably with a Clematis flower when fully open. The single flowers are born on long stems with typical Alstro foliage.

These are available now by special order from your Mayesh sales associate. We expect this product to be available online later in the year!



Ancha 1

Ancha 4


Cursa 1

Cursa 4


Metak 1

Metak 4


Gemma 1

Gemma 4


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