Seasonality & Care of Blossoms Guide

Seasonality & Care of Blossoms Guide

When spring arrives, florists delight in the opportunity to incorporate blossoming branches into designs that reflect the radiance and renewal of the season.

This guide is to help educate floral designers on the unique properties and care requirements of each blossom variety to ensure lush, long-lasting designs. Each variety has a detailed breakdown of its specific care and handling recommendations, hydration needs, proper storage temperatures, and other factors that impact workability and flexibility when designing.

blossom guide thank you page image-1By understanding the unique properties and ideal care recommendations for each blossom type, florists can better incorporate these stunning natural elements into arrangements that impress. Topics discussed in the guide include: 

           ○ Ordering Blossoms

           ○ Scoring & Soaking

           ○ Arranging Blossoms

           ○ Tall Branch Care

           ○ Sustainable Supports


The "Seasonality & Care of Blossoms Flowering Branches" guide is available to download for free on the Mayesh Wholesale Florist website. All products featured are available for purchase with a Mayesh sales rep or on during their blooming season.






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