We Celebrate International Podcast Day by Honoring Yvonne Ashton

We Celebrate International Podcast Day by Honoring Yvonne Ashton

A tribute to our amazing Marketing Director, Yvonne Ashton, from her dedicated team.

On this International Podcast Day, we have the pleasure of celebrating not only the art of podcasting but the outstanding success and contributions of Yvonne Ashton, the Director of Marketing at Mayesh Wholesale Florist. 

Yvonne's podcast, “Mornings with Mayesh,” has become a cornerstone of the floral industry by offering a unique glimpse into the world of flowers and the business side of the floral industry. Not only has she been instrumental in shaping Mayesh’s online presence, as well as showcasing the floral community, but she has also used her podcast to highlight how marketing plays a critical role in overall business success for florists.
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Yvonne started her podcast with the intent of sharing flower expertise, igniting creativity and cultivating meaningful relationships within the global floral industry. Her dedication has created a warm and inviting space where floral professionals can come together to showcase their work, learn from one another and expand their craft. Over the years she has hosted major players in the industry including Holly Chapple, David Austin, Helen Miller, Ariella Chezar, Ryan O'Neil, Hitomi Gilliam and countless others. Not only has Yvonne used this platform to give floral designers a reaching voice, but also to keep us all up to date on current floral trends, flower updates and industry news.
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Mornings with Mayesh offers the broader floral community a glimpse into Yvonne's deep passion for all things floral, but for those of us fortunate to work alongside this remarkable woman, our gratitude knows no bounds. We cherish the chance to learn, evolve, and bask in the unwavering support of such an extraordinary individual. Yvonne is our fearless leader, our creative guru, and the reassuring voice that keeps us grounded.

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We have pulled together a timeline showing Mornings with Mayesh's journey. Yvonne, we hope you enjoy seeing how your show has grown over the years!!
Mornings With Mayesh Timeline Infographic

You can listen to all Mornings with Mayesh episodes on Spofity or where ever podcasts are found. 

Comment below with the topics you want to learn about or guests you want to see on a future episode!






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