Why Florists Need An End-To-End Solution To Manage Their Events



Ryan O'Neil of Curate is sharing why florists need an end-to-end solution to manage their events - read on for his advice!

“I used to use one software for invoicing, another florist software for proposals, and a different software for my rentals. The time it took to input the same event info from one to another was insane.”

The team at Curate hears this type of comment almost every day.

When florists thinks about their businesses, they can quickly list off all the different tasks they have to finish and recognize that each one is supported by a different tool. Because of this, their processes can often become jumbled and resemble something like this:


Curate, end-to-end solution for florists

With each arrow comes the headache of having to re-enter information about the client and event. The process of moving information between each step can literally take hours and re-typing all of the info for each step leaves lots of room for mistakes.


What if this process was streamlined? What if florists had access to a platform where one part of the process became manual and everything else flowed from it? What if florists never had to worry about accidentally spelling a client’s name wrong.


Suddenly, that process looks something like this:

Curate, end-to-end solution for florists


All the florist then needs to do is pull the contact form directly into a proposal and add in the floral recipe arrangements for the event. The invoice price, contract, payments, timeline, shopping lists, wholesaler orders, recipe sheet, rental pull lists, pack list, strike list, and rental check-ins all happen automatically!

Curate is the only florist software that is a complete end-to-end solution. Your client can fill out an inquiry form on your website then all you need to do is add your floral recipes for each arrangement and everything else is ready for you instantly.

Imagine what could be done with all that time saved!

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