Floral Industry Impacted by COVID-19: Now What?

Floral Industry Impacted by COVID-19: Now What?

Less than a week ago, our Floral Industry Impacted by COVID-19 post went live. After 6 days, hundreds upon hundreds of shares, and 8,300 article views later, along with an outpouring of heartfelt comments ranging from understanding, support, and love, we are faced with a very critical question. 

Now what?
Now that we've shared our story, now that you've read it, now that you've shared it with your community, friends, and family - what should we all do next to support our beloved floral industry? How can we make a difference? How can we help create change?

This next step is not something I consider myself an expert in. Luckily, we have the Society of American Florists who deals heavily in government affairs involving our floral industry and who I would consider the experts to follow. As such, I headed to their COVID-19 Updates for the Floral Industry web page. It is filled with helpful tools and resources that cover a variety of topics like tools to promote flower buying, Federal aid, communicating with customers, government resources, HR advice, and more. On this page, they even have a State Resources section and this is the one that I would like to invite you to explore in depth to help you answer the question of "now what?".

The State Resources section contains information on how to apply for an exemption to the essential business regulations. You will find examples of successful exemption campaigns, tips for requesting a waiver, SAF letter to governors requesting a waiver, and a sample letter from a state-wide effort. With all of this information, I know that we can work together to help our industry by reaching out to governors all across the country. 

Now what? Now, we work together to create change and to fight for our industry! We are in this together and we are united through flowers!






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