Florist Interview: Mary Love Richardson

Florist Interview: Mary Love Richardson

With over a decade of experience and a portfolio adorned with 300 weddings, Mary Love Richardson's dedication to crafting unforgettable moments is a true passion. From her early days of Impressionist-inspired painting to her current role as a floral artisan of Rosemary & Finch, she has poured her heart into creating unforgettable experiences through floral design. Rooted in Nashville's rich creative community, Mary Love finds inspiration in the city's rhythm and her dedication to sustainable practices to make the fall wedding season just as magical.

Ready to get inspired? Let's dive into the fall wedding season with Mary as she shares her insights, challenges, and successes! 




Tell us about yourself, and what inspires you?

My name is Mary Love Richardson, owner of Rosemary & Finch Floral Design based in Nashville, TN! After 11 years in business and nearly 300 weddings later, I live for puzzling out challenging logistics and thrive on leading a joyful, connected team. From a childhood of crafting to college days spent falling in love with Impressionist-inspired painting, I’ve been obsessed with color and texture since the beginning. Where I used to mix paint on an artist’s palette, I now blend floral varieties to produce unforgettable color stories. I’m proud to also be leading our team in choosing sustainable, eco-friendly design practices. 


Can you tell us about a recent fall wedding project and how you incorporated the autumn theme into your designs?

One of my favorite weddings last fall was Marja and Charles at the Noelle Hotel right here in downtown Nashville. Marja’s inspiration was very specific and absolutely perfect: golden hour in Paris in autumn. We used rich, warm colors, branchy fall foliage, and lots of autumnal texture. The ballroom at the Noelle is quite intimate and we filled the space to the brim with flowers! The most special moment of the day was a flash mob singing the bride down the aisle - even better because Marja is a Broadway actress (currently on Hamilton!) so she has some pretty talented friends! I love that our floral designs set the scene and provided a stunning backdrop for such a memorable moment.


As a floral designer working on fall weddings, what are some of the key challenges you face during this season, and how has our floral wholesale business helped you overcome them?

As we enter the fall wedding season, I’m preparing for my largest wedding season to date and doing everything I can to be as prepared and organized as possible. Thanks to one of my favorite people, Lindsay Schmidt, I never have to worry about my flower orders from Mayesh. I know I can always expect quick, clear communication and when we have to roll with the punches and choose substitutions, Lindsay always guides me to the best option available! 


How has our floral wholesale business impacted the overall quality and diversity of flowers and foliage you can incorporate into your fall wedding designs?

One of my favorite parts of ordering is being super specific about the majority of my order and then giving Lindsay the freedom to fill in the final ingredients based on whatever she sees in the cooler. I’ve learned so many new varieties and options by relying on her to be my eye in the cooler! We all know there’s always a new variety or type of flowers to learn and it’s so helpful to have someone suggesting new things to try. After 8 years of working together, Lindsay has learned my style and preferences and always pulls together the perfect order for me!


Which florals are your favorite to work with? Any particular florals that are in high demand during the fall season?

I’m seeing some really great color palettes for the fall wedding season this year - lots of mustard, dusty rose, terra cotta, and mauve. I’m particularly excited to use Moab roses for those weddings this fall, as well as all the best fall foliage. 


What has been your overall experience with Mayesh so far?

Mayesh has been my wholesaler for around 8 years and I’m truly grateful for all the beautiful blooms we’ve gotten to work with over the years! Lindsay has been such a wonderful ally for my business to get all the best product.



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Trend Watch: Pink Roses in Fall Palettes


One of our favorite parts about this fall wedding is the color palette! While everyone loves using rich browns, creams, taupes, and golds in their autumn weddings, it's the unexpected pop of pink that really brightens and freshens things up. The addition of soft, blush pink hues adds a touch of romance and femininity to the overall design, and perfectly complements the warm and earthy tones of the season.

Here are some of our favorite pink roses available to shop on!

Rose Garden Mansfield Park Blush 40 cmRose Garden Keira David Blush 30 cmSpray Rose Constellation PinkRose Sweet Escimo Blush 50 cmRose Hot Escimo Pink 50 cm



In order from left:

Garden Rose Mansfield Park Blush

Garden Rose Keira David Blush

Spray Rose Constellation Pink

Rose Sweet Escimo Blush

Rose Hot Escimo Pink



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