IG Live: Cristina Barragan on Pricing, Systems, Testimonials

IG Live: Cristina Barragan on Pricing, Systems, Testimonials

Our friend from Fleursociety, Cristina Barragan joined me for a live today on Instagram! We chatted about Cristina’s tips on how to price with profit first, the importance of delegating, how to use systems to save time, and how to build your social proof with testimonials, along with her upcoming online Design Summit!

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The giveaway runs today & tomorrow, October 4 + 5, and our three lucky winners will be announced Wednesday, October 6th. Learn more about the Summit here.










  • Social proof is so important. How do you get testimonials and then what do you do with them?
    • incentivize this call to action
    • people love free stuff
    • Cristina give free Starbucks for their review
    • client experience first, then a little bride, make it easy
    • Google, Facebook, different wedding pages


  • You have Fleursociety’s Design Summit coming up.
    • 40 educators
    • 5 implementation intensives with a support panel
    • $197 plus 10 days of amazing
    • What is it and what is new?
    • Who are some of the educators that are involved this year?






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