#iloveflorists with Sue Mcleary

#iloveflorists with Sue Mcleary

Sue Mcleary joined us to talk more about her new initiative #iloveflorists and creating a space that supports growth, curiosity, education, and positive interactions between one another. She also compares the floral industry with the food industry, chats about her AIFD Symposium stage presentation, and more.

Below are the podcast, video replay, and show notes:






  • How does the food world compare to our own floral industry?

  • You came up with #iloveflorists - what does this hashtag represent to you?

  • Can you name some accounts that have been contributing to the hashtag regularly and what type of content they are sharing?
  • What advice do you have for florists who may still be in defense mode about their chosen career?
  • In preparation for today, you mentioned that floristry consists of a rich landscape that many may not be aware of. Can you talk about what that may include to help those who may want to expand their horizons?
  • You recently came back from attending & presenting at this year’s AIFD Symposium in Las Vegas. Can you talk a bit about your program, “Flower Forward”?

  • Do you have any exciting events or new projects coming up?
    • BOOK next Spring called “Flowers for All


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