Mayesh Design Star: Color Theory & Architecture

Mayesh Design Star: Color Theory & Architecture

Architecture, color theory, and versatility take center stage in Angelina's second video as she explores the art of retail floral design. All three elements play a crucial role in creating stunning bouquets, and we will delve into three different bouquet styles, each with its own unique color scheme and design approach. Like last month, Angelina created a bonus download to compliment the floral design video that reviews the details for each of the bouquets - white with greenery monochromatic, peach fuzz abstract analogous, and a designer's choice in blush with pops of red (perfect for Valentine's Day)! You'll also find a retail design exercise that will help you discover your style/niche.

So, let's dive in and discover the secrets behind these beautiful arrangements. Watch the video, download the PDF, and scroll to see a list of featured flowers below.  


Featured Flowers

Bouquet 1 - Monochromatic Collection
Asymmetrical White and Greenery

Amaryllis White
Anemone Black Center White
Carnation White
China Mum White
Phalaenopsis Orchid White
Preserved Bleached Fern White
Ranunculus White
Rose Playablanca
Snapdragon White

Bouquet 2 - Tropical Collection
Peach Fuzz Abstract Analogous
Bromeliad Aechemea Bonita Purple
Calathea Leaves
Carnation Brut Blush
Chrysanthemum Disbud Linette
Gerbera Spider Pink
Ranunuculus Peach
Rose Garden Juliet
Rose Phoenix
Stock Peach
Peony Coral
Preserved Italian Ruscus Peach

Bouquet 3 - Seasonal Designer's Choice
Blush Base with Pops of Red, Firework Method
Anthurium Red
Chrysanthemum Disbud Linette
Dendrobium Jame Story
Preserved Pampas Red
Ranunculus Blush
Rose Garden Charity
Rose Garden Juliet
Roses Red
Spray Rose Red
Spray Rose Garden Assorted
Dendrobium Jame Story

retail florist - white monochromatic bouquet, tropical bouquet, red and blush bouquet


Host & Designer: Angelina Prikhodko | FLEUR Studio
Videographer: Nick Eskridge


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