Mornings with Mayesh: EZ Flower

Mornings with Mayesh: EZ Flower

In this episode, Dutch fresh flower exporter, Martin den Dekker of EZ Flower joined the COVID-19 conversation. We discussed the changes happening in our floral industry occurring across the globe and Martin was able to share what is happening at the Aalsmeer Flower Auction and what the new normal is starting to look like in Holland.  We are in this together!

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Here are the video, podcast replay, and show notes:







  • Before we get into the questions, let’s start off by telling us a little bit about yourself & your flower story:


  • Bruce: Can you estimate the drop in order volume since the pandemic began?

  • Before this show, you mentioned that in Holland & Germany, it looks like you are at a point where life is picking back up. With COVID-19 affecting you before it really hit here in the U.S. - can you talk more about what you are experiencing now? 

  • In Holland, there is a strong flower culture and there are many small Dutch growers. What are you hearing about these growers?

  • How about freight? What is the situation like now? And how do you see that evolving?

  • How fast will things get back to normal?


  • Caty: Are you hearing that growers are having to stop growing for a season (s) that will affect their place in the supply chain?

  • Lori: I’ve been working 3 days a week! We had several deliveries on Friday. Funeral work and birthday and Anniversary flowers! Feel grateful for this! I feel Mother’s Day is going to be better than expected! How do all of you feel about this?

  • Penny: When we all come back, how will we all know what's available? Do you see the costs rising like everything else during this??
  • Jackie: My question for tomorrow is how will this current situation affect prices for the fall/winter market? Can we expect any significant changes in the overall prices of Dutch imports?

  • Patricia: Sent a lovely email with many questions, which I will roll over a few to our show planned for next Thursday, but I did pull this tidbit out for you, Martin. She says:
    • For us dutch folks,  it's so ingrained in our culture to surround ourselves with flowers in the office and at home. What can we learn from the Dutch culture in regards to stimulating consumers to buy flowers in general, (that would then also support niche markets for weddings,  events, funerals, etc.). as part of daily life? Any thoughts?

  • Chris: Give us the list of Strong Sellers, assuming we can reopen by Mother’s Day?

  • Tracy: What does it look like for Fall weddings? Very limited selection I'm guessing?

  • Nuria: Are you getting any help from government loans to business? How long will that take?




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