Mornings with Mayesh: Alexandra Farms

Mornings with Mayesh: Alexandra Farms

In this episode of Mornings with Mayesh, the team at Mayesh Wholesale is joined by David Dahlson, Amy Balsters, and Joey Azout from Alexandra Farms to discuss the beauty and value of garden roses. They share insights into the care and cultivation of these exquisite flowers, as well as their favorite varieties and upcoming releases. Let's dive into the highlights of this informative conversation.

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The Value of Garden Roses

David starts off by emphasizing the value proposition of garden roses. He explains that when given a little more space, these roses open up and become the beautiful creations they were meant to be. It's important to consider this when working with garden roses, as they have the potential to transform any arrangement.

The Garden Rose Design Contest

Joey shares exciting news about the Garden Rose Design Contest held by Alexandra Farms. This year marked the sixth annual contest, with two categories: wedding work and everyday work. The winners of each category receive a trip to the farm, where they have the opportunity to design with thousands of roses. This unique experience allows designers to unleash their creativity and create stunning arrangements using the wide variety of roses available at Alexandra Farms.

Exploring the Farm

During the episode, the team takes viewers on a virtual tour, showcasing the beautiful display of roses. They introduce Taylor, one of the designers at Alexandra Farms, who shares her love for color and the diverse range of flowers grown at the farm. The team expresses their excitement about the educational aspect of their product and the importance of understanding how to get the full value out of garden roses.

Introducing a Breakthrough Rose

David reveals a new rose that will be introduced by Mayesh Wholesale this summer. While he can't show it yet, he describes it as a breakthrough in garden roses. Unlike traditional fully doubled rosettes, this rose has an octagonal shape with eight parts, resembling a star. It's a unique and spectacular addition to the garden rose collection.

The Labor and Care Behind Garden Roses

Amy shares her perspective as a designer and expresses her appreciation for the labor and care that goes into growing garden roses. She acknowledges that the price of garden roses can sometimes be a deterrent, but after witnessing the amount of work involved in their cultivation, she has a newfound understanding and respect for the product. Amy emphasizes the importance of considering the labor-intensive process when creating budgets and pricing arrangements.

Favorite Alexandra Farms Varieties

The team discusses their favorite varieties from Alexandra Farms. David shares his excitement about the new rose called Issei, which will be available later this summer. Joey explains that he has different favorite varieties for different occasions, highlighting the versatility of garden roses. Amy expresses her love for the Wabara line, which offers a diverse range of colors and allows for the creation of interesting palettes.

The Importance of Planning and Understanding

Amy mentions the helpful tools available on the Alexandra Farms website, such as cards and guides, which provide information on the size and opening of each rose variety. These tools are valuable for designers who may be unfamiliar with certain roses and want to plan their arrangements accordingly. Amy emphasizes the importance of understanding the overall shape and color of a flower before incorporating it into a design.

Closing Remarks and Future Releases

As the episode comes to a close, the team expresses their gratitude for the opportunity to share their knowledge and educate viewers about garden roses. They thank everyone for tuning in and mention upcoming episodes featuring special guests. David teases the introduction of new flowers from Alexandra Farms in the near future, adding to the already impressive selection of garden roses available through Mayesh Wholesale.

In conclusion, this episode of Mornings with Mayesh provides valuable insights into the world of garden roses. From the labor and care involved in their cultivation to the diverse range of varieties and colors available, it's clear that garden roses are a true gem in the floral industry. Whether you're a designer looking to create stunning arrangements or a flower enthusiast eager to learn more, garden roses are sure to captivate and inspire. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and releases from Alexandra Farms and Mayesh Wholesale Florist.






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