Mornings with Mayesh: Amy Balsters & Spiral Bouquets

Mornings with Mayesh: Amy Balsters & Spiral Bouquets

Our final 2021 Mayesh Design Star, Amy Balsters of The Floral Coach, was my very special guest for this episode. We chatted all about BOUQUETS! In particular, Amy took a deeper dive into her first Design Star video all about creating a spiral bouquet - talking about efficiency, pricing, and finishing touches along with touching on topics like what to do with big stemmed flowers & bouquet trends. 










  • You talk about effective mechanics & efficiency when describing the benefits of using the spiral technique. What are a few other bouquet tips for efficiency?
    • being intentional in the selection of your material
    • proper process
    • clean, clean, clean, clean

  • We always get questions about pricing - can you talk about how your price your wedding bouquets?

  • Pretty Squared: How do you finish a spiral bouquet off? With greenery? Do you lower the flowers on the collar?

  • Sergio commented on cutting the stems while designing the bouquet: The problem with cutting the stems before one is finished is that sometimes stems end up really short if you want to pull a flower higher... the end result in this case, if it goes into a clear vase, one will see that the stems are too short and need to use a lot of water.  So, cut the stems at the end to avoid bad surprises…
    • Can you address this?

  • kelley_girl: Can you tell me how you keep a spiral bouquet fresh throughout the wedding & reception? Especially in hot weather.

  • I feel like the loose & airy garden-style bouquet has been on trend for quite some time. Do you see that changing and do you see any other bouquet trends coming up?


  • floraadorastudio: I have a question: What are your tips for how to include king protea into the spiral? I have a wedding next weekend and the bride specifically wants King Proteas. I have ordered them in the smallest size but still find them tricky.

  • Blanton Floral - I struggle to make it loose and not too tight or have too much product with a spiral.

  • Floral Court co - What book did she mention (I don’t remember lol sorry) - AIFD Guide to Floral Design - find it listed in Amy's Amazon List

  • Mi viva designs - Do you wire dahlias, sunflowers, or other thick stems to eliminate those stems?


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