Mornings with Mayesh: BloomTV & Monica Michelle

Mornings with Mayesh: BloomTV & Monica Michelle

Have you always wanted a Food Network but for flowers? Well, it's here and it's called BloomTV!! This week, founder and CEO of BloomTV, Monica Michelle, shared why she started this new streaming network, talked about the episode "A Flower's Journey", and what she is planning next!

By the way, if you didn’t get our email about BloomTV and the episode that we worked with them on called “A Flower’s Journey” then you should subscribe to our email and I wanted to make sure that you heard that you can get one month free of BloomTV by using the code “MAYESH” when you subscribe. Here’s the link to do so:


Below are the podcast, video replay, and show notes:






  • What is the mission behind BloomTV?

  • If someone is watching or listening now and is thinking “I would love to pitch an idea for BloomTV”, what should they do?
  • What was the purpose behind "A Flower's Journey" video?

  • What is the most popular content on BloomTV?

  • Do you have a favorite piece right now?
  • You have an amazing variety of experts, that includes around 37 florists. How did you decide who you were going to reach out to?
  • For those who may think that this platform may hurt the local florist, what would you like to say to them?

  • What projects are ahead? 





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