Mornings with Mayesh: Bouquet Design Q&A

Mornings with Mayesh: Bouquet Design Q&A

Amy Balsters of Amy Nicole Floral joined me for our most recent Mornings with Mayesh to really dig into BOUQUETS!! She gives bouquet tips for efficiency, chats about her favorite bouquet ingredients, what to avoid when design bouquets, and even shares her biggest bouquet fail along with answering your bouquet questions. 


Please find below the podcast replay, video replay, and show notes:







  • Before we get started, can you please take a few minutes to tell us a little more about yourself and your flower story?

  • What are your bouquet tips for efficiency?
    • batchwork!
    • spiral bouquets - learn how to create a spiral bouquet

  • What are some of your favorite bouquet ingredients?
    • line flowers - vines, ferns, small-headed blooms

  • What are some red flags for bouquet making to avoid?
    • unorganized
    • over greening
    • over tapping/over mechanics

  • We always get questions about pricing - can you talk about how your price your wedding bouquets? Do you have a minimum?

  • Viewer Questions
    • From Rebecca: What’s the best way to construct the wide, low organic-looking bouquets that many brides want? I have trouble with the mechanics and the flowers often end up closer together than I want. 
      • Similarly, Deezee017 asks about the technique behind loose & airy bouquets.
      • How do you make your bouquets so wide?
      • Struggling with keeping airiness once I’ve binded the stems!
      • How do you make your bouquets so wide?
    • From Judi: When ordering flowers for an event, how much extra (%) to you order to account for breakage, damage etc.?
      • orders just a small percent
      • depends on what she’s ordering - delicate flowers - like astrantia and hellebores, or wilt sensitive
      • she will build in those extra bunches into their cost

    • Mayesh Carlsbad: Is wiring flowers for a bouquet a thing of the past?
    • Spiral bouquet questions:
      • From Fleurisse Design: How do you work in stems that mess up your spiral (e.g. curvy branches)?
      • On the spiral, do you start with greenery, then flowers, or alternate?
      • My old lady hands get so cramped when trying to make a spiral, help!

    • What is your most embarrassing bouquet fail?

    • Techniques for tying ribbon on bouquets?

    • What is the trick to make a bouquet look just as good in a photo as in real life?

    • How do you avoid the elements of bouquets getting squished when putting in vases for transporting?




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