Mornings with Mayesh: BTS of the Underwater Floral Install

Mornings with Mayesh: BTS of the Underwater Floral Install

Our latest Mayesh Design Star, Ashley Rodriguez of Garden & Grace Floral Design and Kimber Greenwood of Waterbear Photography sat down with Yvonne to take a deeper dive into their fantastical underwater shoot, chat about developing a great florist-photog relationship, and girl power!

Below are the podcast, video replay, and show notes:







  • Before we get started:

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  • Now that the second video has come out and we saw the behind-the-scenes of the underwater shoot, what are your biggest take-aways? Anything you would each do differently the next time?
  • Ashely, I know you took your time in planning what flowers to use underwater. Did all of them work out the way you had hoped or did you come across any issues?

  • Kimber, can you talk a bit about the equipment that you use for this type of shoot?

  • What makes a good photographer-florist relationship?
  • Women supporting women in entrepreneurship seems to be a big focus for you both - has that always been a priority for your businesses?
  • What is next for your photography/floral partnership?





  • comment: @ retiredplantlady - good morning! I am so impressed with all of your mechanics!
  • question: @ retiredplantlady - what was your budget for this amazing shoot? (ballpark figure)
  • @caro.millsaps - how did you get connected in order to collaborate for this shoot? did you know already know each other? did you reach out via social media?



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