Mornings with Mayesh: Color Shifting w/ Design Master

Mornings with Mayesh: Color Shifting w/ Design Master

With the supply chain & flower availability being a challenge across many markets, Design Master has been bridging the color gaps in big ways. Jodi Duncan came on the show to talk about the in's and out's of color shifting. Learn how color shifting can be useful, how to properly spray, how to get started for beginners, what other items can be sprayed other than flowers, precautions to take, and so much more. Scroll down to listen to the podcast, watch the video replay, read the show notes, and see the color-shifting pictures from the live. 


If you find this episode useful, let us know in the comments below! See you next week, July 7th, for our next Mornings with Mayesh!









  • Design Master has been around a long time. Can you tell us the history and how you got involved with DM?

  • Can you tell us the proper way to use your spray paints?

  • What does color-shifting really mean?

  • I have never sprayed before…where should I start?

  • What are you most popular colors?

  • Do I need to spray on white flowers only and then spray the color I want?

  • What flowers do you recommend spraying?

  • What about spraying containers or rental props?

  • Any precautions we need to be aware of and how to store the spray paints?

  • And where can we find your products?












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