Mornings with Mayesh: Design Tour with Amy Balsters

Mornings with Mayesh: Design Tour with Amy Balsters

On Tuesday, Amy Balsters of The Floral Coach, joined me to chat about our recently launched Mayesh X The Floral Coach Design Tour. Amy dove into the curriculum and shared why learning proper spiral bouquet mechanics and color theory is critical, along with talking about the value that is provided with each included component of our in-person workshop. This is so very exciting because it has been 3 years since we’ve hosted a workshop. We have been asked so many times when we are starting back up and March 30th is the answer to that. That is the date of our first workshop of the tour at Mayesh Cleveland along with 1o other cities across the country!

Below are the podcast, video replay, and show notes:








  • Amy, I’ve had you on Mornings with Mayesh a bunch of times so welcome back! But just in case we have some newbies watching or listening, who may not know how you are, can you please introduce yourself and share a bit about your flower story?

  • Why are we doing this and how? Let’s dig into the workshop! First up, can you share about the format of the day-long event?

  • We wanted to ensure that this workshop is packed with value for each student - can you talk about the mini-course that is included?
  • And it would be a Mayesh workshop without our Mayesh flowers! Each workshop will have a stunning flower display that they will be able to interact with and eventually use, but we will be bringing David Dahlson to each workshop so that he can give you the inside scoop on these flowers, give care & handling tips, and answer any flower related questions for you!

  • You will also be teaching your signature hands-on bouquet techniques for loose and airy bouquets. Can you tell me why this design mechanic is important to master?
    The color theory component of the day is going to be very important - what can each student expect to learn?

  • The students will be creating a bouquet step-by-step with you, but will they have time to create a bouquet on their own?

  • In addition - we will also have a professional photographer on hand - will students receive any photos?

  • I think a huge benefit of in-person events is the people! Will there be time for networking, Amy?

  • We will be visiting 11 Mayesh locations - can you share what cities we will be visiting?
  • Our first stop in Cleveland, Ohio, March 30th has only 1 SEAT LEFT, so if you are in that region, come on up!
    • UPDATE --- SOLD OUT as of March 9, 2023




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