Mornings with Mayesh: Drew Rios on Collaboration, Creativity & COVID

Mornings with Mayesh: Drew Rios on Collaboration, Creativity & COVID

Our first 2021 Mayesh Design Star, Drew Rios of Rogue&Fox Floral Co, came back onto the show. She answered all of the questions that came in about this month's design video, Floral Art Wall, that touched on planning, products, design longevity, and pricing. In addition, Drew gave an update on how her Valentine's Day collaboration went, planning during the pandemic, battling creative block & so much more.

Stay tuned for the next show & keep on sending in your floral questions! Below you will find the podcast, video replay, and show notes.










  • First question is from @faroutfloral_ - they asked: How did you get started in the floral biz?


  • I know that last time we chatted you announced your collaboration with Whit Hazen & others. Can you briefly describe the collaboration for those who missed last month’s show and let us know how your Valentine’s Day holiday went for Rogue&Fox?

  • If our viewers wanted to start targeting more of the luxury end of the business, what marketing techniques do you suggest to get more of these types of leads?

  • And can we talk about COVID … again? It still here with us … Drew how is your year looking? And are you doing anything to prepare with dealing with this pandemic long-term?

  • iobette sent in the following question: Do you ever get designer block? What helps make the creativity flow!?




  • Before we get into the questions, let’s just read a couple of the comments:
    • floralandvinedesign: “Drew I loved this!!! Love love loved! I love art florals and you created such a great piece! Beautiful florals ! And you create so effortlessly! I love the fun and enthusiasm you have creating...thats how I feel with really great floral color and thrills me !! Thanks for sharing this awesome piece!”

    • Ayanna: Here for the wall but stayed for the outfit 🥰

  • Lots of great questions from Marla:
    • Wanted to know how you prepare for a large-scale design.  Do you plan ahead sketching an outline?  Do you keep with familiar products?

    • How long does Drew leave for set-up and install of her designs?  

    • How long do they typically last? 

  • And the question that we get for pretty much all of our videos, how much would you price this design at?
    • 24x48 piece

    • 1000-1500 - starting price point

  • How do I become a 2022 Mayesh Design Star?





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