Mornings with Mayesh: Dutch Still Life Flowers & Wedding Flowers

Mornings with Mayesh: Dutch Still Life Flowers & Wedding Flowers

This episode featuring Gilberto Espinoza, of Dogwood & Fir, really covers a wide range of topics - everything from design principles to taxidermy and beyond! We chat about pin frogs, flower food, design details, and using triangles when designing using his Dutch still-life arrangement video as a reference. Also, we discussed Gilberto's creative way he sells designs by color, not specific flowers, along with talking about how he orders and what percentages he uses to ensures he makes a profit on his events. 

Here is the podcast, video replay, and show notes. 











  • We are still talking about the flower production and logistic challenges that we have been facing throughout the pandemic. We have been recently going
    through a spike of more challenges recently. Our company has been participating in anything that we can to get information out there. 
      • In that vein, I know I brought it up last month, but can you talk us through how you decided to sell everyday design by color palette?
      • How did you decide to have 4 different palettes?
      • Do you use a similar method when working with your wedding/event clients?

  • How do you figure out how many flowers to order for your events? Do you use recipes or a stem counter type of software?
      • buy 40% flowers/supplies, adds delivery/labor at the end

  • Do you have a minimum for your weddings and events?


  • Let’s dive into the video - you created an arrangement inspired by Dutch still-life paintings. 
      • Where did you get inspiration for this particular design and color palette?
      • You use both a pin frog and wire - why did you decide to use both methods to help secure the flowers?
      • I think you are one of the first designers to use flower food - do you use it every time you design or do you only use it for your everyday designs?
      • Where did you get all of the amazing extra elements for the design - taxidermy, insects, books, etc?
      • You talk about the use of triangles when composing an arrangement - can you talk a little bit more about that?

  • @Supersunnysil: What are some tips for new floral designers?

  • Where did you go to flower school?







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