Mornings with Mayesh: Floral Design Spaces

Mornings with Mayesh: Floral Design Spaces

This episode was so much fun because I had not 1, not 2, not 3, but 5 guests that sat down with me to chat about a new book, “Where We Bloom”! Debra Prinzing’s latest book is all about stepping inside the places where flowers come to life. Inside the book, you get to peek into 37 flower-filled spaces of Slow Flowers designers, farmer-florists, and growers. On the show, Debra introduces her book and then we virtually stepped into 3 different spaces - ranging from small to large. Srini Perea from Kreative Hands, Maura Whalen of Casablanca Floral, and Kit Wertz & Casey Schwartz of Flower Duet shared their spaces along with their favorite details of each of their completely different environments.


Where do you bloom? What is your favorite aspect of your space?

Below is the podcast, video reply, and show notes:










  • Debra, I’m so excited to dive into everyone’s special spaces, but before we do that can you tell everyone a little more about your latest book, “Where We Bloom”?


  • It’s time to dive into three different spaces ranging in sizes small, medium, and large.

  • Srini, can you share your space with us? Guys, believe it or not, Srini is in an up-cycled laundry room. It isn’t always about how much you have but how you use what you have! 

    1. Tell us your favorite spot where you do your designing.

    2. Food52


  • Maura, you started out of a 36 square foot tree fort and have graduated to the space we see now. Tell us about that?

    1. What is your favorite moment in your space?


  • Kit & Casey’s space is HUGE, like 4,500 square feet huge. Ladies, can you share with us how you ended up in such a large space?

    1. What is your favorite part of your warehouse design space?


  • Debra, before we wrap up let’s talk a bit about your publishing company, Bloom Imprint.

    1. Share with us more about what you do?

    2. Do you have any past projects that you are really proud of?

    3. Do you have any future projects in the works that you can hint at?



  • arlene.levitt - Can we see your mirror?


  • fiona ryan bloom - I’m starting work on my new flower house in my yard! Any recommendations on flooring and countertop material that’s best for working with flowers?

  • aimthelame - I  work out of my home, in the HOT central valley, CA. What is the best way to cool a room without adding too much moisture/wind, like from a swamp cooler

    • Coolbots

    • Swamp Cooler

  • seattleweddingflowers - Home studio florist here. Would love advice on eco-friendly ways to keep flowers cool and fresh?

  • seattleweddingflowers - would love a class on how to grow my floral business?

  • fiona ryan bloom - This is a bit off-topic, but for the experts, is there an eco-friendly version of floral foam yet?




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