Mornings with Mayesh: Flower Trends with Jayne Kim

Mornings with Mayesh: Flower Trends with Jayne Kim

Are you ready to talk new trends for the new year? Great! Because Jayne sat down with me to do just that along with diving into her ceremony nest demonstration. We will be touching on color trends, designing around seasonality, Jayne's unique design mechanic to build the nest, water sources, and more!

Below is the podcast, video replay, and show notes:








  • How did you end up naming your business “Still Carnations”?

  • You talk about color trends a bit at the beginning of your video - using brighter colors and moving from analogous to complementary color palettes. For those who are new to color theory, can you expand on what this means?


  • Speaking of color trends, what are thoughts on Pantone’s new color of the year, Very Peri?

  • Trend: seasonal flower designs
    • dealing with product shortages - design based around seasonally available products

  • Your ceremony nest turned out stunning! And just a little sidebar, when we were chatting about your video idea you used the word “ceremony nest” and I literally had no idea what you were talking about.
    • comment from one of the viewers: I love the concept of a meadow! It seems so much more organic and natural compared to an arch. I’ve never thought about this until I saw this video! Your video has sparked so many ideas! Great floral choices and color palette!

  • So you are the first person to pull out a piece of wood and a staple gun for our Mayesh Design Star videos! Is this type of mechanic something that you use often for installations?

  • We had a couple of questions come in about the water source: 
  • How many base pieces/containers do you recommend? 6?

  • For this ceremony nest, our viewers always want to know what you would charge for this design?

  •  mcantos_: How did you start out? Any advice for new florists starting out with limited cooler space?
    • keep overhead costs low
    • rent studio space
    • freelancing while building

  • Did you have to make any shifts in your business due to the pandemic?
    • Yes, a whole bunch

  • Kyla wazana - I would love some advice for a real real beginner - did you intern or apprentice? are there internship possibilities?



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