Morning with Mayesh: Flowers for All with Susan Mcleary

Morning with Mayesh: Flowers for All with Susan Mcleary

The ever-inspiring author, educator, and florist, Sue Mcleary joined us earlier this week to discuss “Flowers for All”, her brand-new book filled with modern floral arrangements for beauty, joy, and mindfulness every day”. Sue wrote this book for all flower people, not just obsessed florists like herself. Learn more about this wonderful publication featuring thirty different design ideas from the author herself! Grab yourself a copy here:

Below are the podcast, video replay, and show notes:






  • What inspired you to take on creating and publishing, “Flowers for All”?

  • Who is your intended audience, and what do you hope they gain from your book?

  • What was your favorite part of the whole book creation process?

  • With so many amazing designs found in “Flowers For All” which of the 30 designs resonates with you most?

  • What are your favorite seasonal flowers?

  • I feel like you always have design ideas that would be considered “outside of the box” - where do you find inspiration for your uniquely beautiful designs?

  • Where can everyone find out more about you and your book?



  • jordantmcgee  - Do you ever use Alum powder?
  • amazingpossibilities - Sue, what do you recommend for cost-effective and inexpensive flowers to use in creating all kinds of installations?
  • snapdragonbloombar - I appreciate Sue's communication and how she articulates the meaning behind the project or tangible item. Thank you for keeping floristry sophisticated!
  • bloomsterry - where can we mail order unusual flowers if they aren't at the flower markets?
  • mommaswitzz - Does your local rep check California for you or so you reach out to them personally?
  • amazingpossibilities - I just ordered acacia finger from Mayesh LA to experiment on the Burrito
  • millefleurdesign - Thank you for redesigning wearables!! I was never a fan of corsages, but I love creating cuff corsages and flower tattoos! 
  • plantie.rox - Burrito reel maybe?! 😁 think about it 
  • amazingpossibilities - For Sue, what's the best floral glue can we use
  • dancerequine - Do you have a favorite flower to work with?
  • petalsandstemsmarket - Sue is amazing! She is an incredible instructor. I have been a part of her community and classes. When I have had panic moments she has taken the time to answer my questions ❤️
  • plantie.rox - What’s your advice on finding your target audience when it feels like clients are accustomed to old-school or outdated feeling designs?

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