Mornings with Mayesh: Freelancing with Daylen Rivera

Mornings with Mayesh: Freelancing with Daylen Rivera

Have you been thinking about becoming a freelance designer? Or are you thinking about hiring a freelancer? Then be sure to watch or listen to our latest episode of Mornings with Mayesh as my guest, Daylen Rivera, the Brand Activation Lead at Sweet Root Village, joined me to chat all about this important topic and shared his freelancing experience with you - how to find jobs, taxes, design style, social media & more!

Below are the podcast, video replay, and show notes:









  • Before we get started, can you introduce yourself and share a bit about your flower story?
    • 4:49 - you dont pick the flower life, the flower life picks you

  • I know you define what a freelancer is in your video, but can you go over that again for those who haven't watched it yet? 
  • What are some tips for finding freelancing jobs?

  • I’m guessing that freelancing rates vary based on experience and location - but can you tell us what the average range of going rates for freelancers is?

  • You spoke a little about how you handle setting aside money for tax time. But before tax time rolls around, is there any sort of program that you use to track your earnings and expenses in order to do your taxes at the end of the year?


  • How do you adapt to the designer’s style that you are working on if it is different than your own? Or do you recommend trying to freelance for designers who have a similar aesthetic & design style to you?


  • Can you talk about social media & Instagram as a freelancer? What kind of content should you be putting there to showcase and market yourself?
    • Word of mouth
    • dot. card - you can scan and it has all of your info
      • popl is another option
        • CeCe says “I use popl its amazing!"


  • I’m sure that someone as creative as yourself needs to do their own thing once in a while and put out their own creations into the world. What types of projects or things do you do to make sure you are still creating your own unique content?


  • I bet you have worked on some amazing projects - what have been a couple of your favorites?




  • Cece Design LLC - When you are a lead on wedding day what would your pay be?

  • maxitflowerdesign - how can we as business owners make the freelancing opportunity easier for you?

  • maxitflowerdesign - What tool do you bring to a freelancing gig that you have found the most helpful?

  • maxitflowerdesign - can you expand on the insurance you have as a freelancer?
    • The Free Lance Guild

  • Juliet Le Fleur - what is the best way to find freelance designers (as an owner)?

  • glamorouseventllc - should business owners pay for food for freelancers?

  • albertnfloral - as business owners, usually issue 1099 for freelancers or just cash? 

  • glamorouseventllc - Books that help me as a florist are:
    • Cut Flowers and Flower Color Guide




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