Mornings with Mayesh: How to Become a Hotel Florist

The Hotel Florist, Franceska McCaughan

The Hotel Florist, Franceska McCaughan, joined me for my latest segment of Mornings with Mayesh to discuss the hotel floral industry. In this episode, learn about what a hotel florist is, how this segment of our industry has been affected by Covid, and strategies on getting your foot in the hotels’ doors. This may be a whole new segment that you’ve never considered OR you may have been too intimidated to explore more. We are going to break it down and answer your questions.  





  • What is a Hotel Florist and why is it different than a wedding & event florist?

  • How has the Hotel Floral Industry has been affected by Covid-19 and what can florists do to add value to the hurting hospitality industry?

  • What is the best way to get your foot in the door and start working with hotels?
    • Question from @albertnfloral: Any suggestions or advice for how to get the hotel contract?
    • Who do you speak to at the hotel?

  • How is a corporate/hotel floral proposal differ from a wedding proposal?

  • How long are typical hotel floral contracts?

  • What types of floral designs are hotels looking for?

  • How much time does it entail to take care of a $5000 per month hotel contract?

  • Do you have any favorite hotel floral moments that you created?

  • Other creative ideas? Pop-up flower shops, brand activations.

  • Restructuring and ideas to create a better work-life balance.

  • Advice for florists who may be located in a smaller city - being a hotel florist is still possible.

  • How do you handle a corporate account that is behind in paying?

  • Where do you get inspiration for hotel floral design?

  • Hotel floral designs do not need specific flower varieties, which is great, but what are some product challenges that you may face as a hotel florist?

  • You are offering a free masterclass right now - tell us more about that?





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