Mornings with Mayesh: How to Create Video Content

Mornings with Mayesh: How to Create Video Content

Hey there! It's time to do all of those things you've meaning to do and wanting to try --- like LIVE video and regular video! Alison Ellis of Real Flower Business joined me to chat about the in's and out's of this hot topic that included planning your content, what equipment we use, what software, how to repurpose your videos, and so much more!


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Here are the video, podcast replay, and show notes:






  • Ok, so we have a video content plan, you know where you want to go live, and we have our equipment . . . what are some things that we should consider before clicking that “Go Live” button?
    • Right before going live, I like to restart my computer and only open the computer programs that I absolutely need.
    • For my shows, I use a wired internet connection to minimize the risk of that interfering with the lives.
    • I ask my guests to have earbuds available just in case there is some noise issue that we cannot get rid of.
    • The background - find somewhere that is clean & nice. Bonus, if your background represents you and your brand!

  • Now it is time to go live - any tips for our first-time livers?


  • How can you create a podcast from a video?
    • You can use an app like to create a video, but then it has an option to just download the audio. 
    • BeLive allow you to download just the video. I take that and upload it to WeVideo, record my intro, add my music, and then download the file. 
    • I use Libsyn to host my podcasts, which then sends it to all of the major podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Pandora. 


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