Mornings with Mayesh: How to Pivot Your Business

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If you've decided to pivot your business, you may be wondering now what? Drew Rios of Rogue&Fox Floral Co joined me to dig into the topic of pivoting - steps to take, business tips, resources, and how she pivoted successfully! This is a very informative episode that you don't want to miss!

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  • Before we begin, please introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about your flower journey?

  • How has COVID-19 impacted our industry and how can we prepare mentally for the shift?

  • What are some business tips that you have for surviving this shift?
    • floral order tips
    • sales tips
      • go beyond Instagram
      • hitting the pavement
      • offering incentives
      • taking good quality photos of your work - connect with Nicole about doing a live about this?
      • connecting with your followers & respond, interact, what are they thinking

  • What are some government resources that we should know about?
    • LA - LA Regional Covid fund
      • Paycheck Protection Program
      • EIDL 
    • Unemployment

  • Let’s say we have some viewers who are watching that have decided to pivot, now what?
    • Steps you need to take first
    • 1. Ask yourself: what do you want to achieve? Be specific.
      • e.g. I want to make 10,000 by Sept 1st
      • I want to reach 500 followers by December 1, 2020
      • Drew sets weekly goals.
    • 2. Ask yourself: what do people need?
    • 3. Look at 5-10 business that have successfully pivoted? Reach out, ask how they did, what was successful.
    • Business Resources:


  • What are your suggestions for people on how to evaluate what they need right now? 
    • Simple living during these difficult times while you pivot your business


  • Viewer questions?
    • Ann:
      • Does pivoting include a move toward more live plants and/or more local sourcing of live and cut?

    • @sowoodrightnow: What are some small ways to take action when the long game seems overwhelming?

    • @baylesblooms: What do you know now that you wish you knew when starting your business?

    • Kessiah:
      • What are recommendations on strategies to scale for small and new floral design businesses? 
      • How do you reach a larger market and then scale to meet demand but remain profitable? 



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