Mornings with Mayesh: Instagram & Social Media Marketing with Amy Balsters

Mornings with Mayesh: Instagram & Social Media Marketing with Amy Balsters

Amy Balsters, of Amy Nicole Floral, joined me for a very in-depth conversation about how to make social media and Instagram work for you and grow your business. Guys, this episode is 2 hours long, but we cover so much ground - from how to craft your best bio, to captions, hashtags, increasing engagement, and so much more. I promise it is worth the time to watch!

Here are the video, podcast replay, and show notes:






  • I think it is safe to say that florists and their clients love Instagram. Before we dive into Instagram, are there other platforms that you think we should be visible on?
    • You must be on Pinterest
    • Facebook
    • Amy
      • Take imperfect action!
      • I don’t have to, I get to!

  • Back to Instagram - starting with the profile - what should businesses do to leverage their profile to their maximum benefit?


    • Think of all of the questions that you get asked?
      • when people ask what you do?
      • what do people ask during consultations?
      • talk about your process & behind the scenes




  • Amanda: I’d love to know what Amy thinks about IG posting in groups/like batches of 3 to keep things looking like a showcase?

  • What are your tips for writing good captions?
    • do not write from a sales perspective, but rather a connection perspective. 
    • Use CTA’s and sometimes lead with a CTA
      • double tap if …
      • Click the link in the bio to … 
      • Tag a friend that needs to hear this … 
    • Be authentic to who you are and your brand and write the way you talk. 

  • How do our viewers figure out the best hashtags to use to get noticed?
    • use geo hashtag for your local demographic
    • Amy - uses hashtags to catalog her own work.
    • Yvonne - use personas & reverse engineering:
      • find the hashtags that your dream client follows - these may not be relevant to your business; 
      • when searching pay attention to the ones that autopopulate and see if they fit what you are looking for.
      • Check out the top content under these hashtags to see what content really resonates with your ideal customers. This will help you create content that will perform well.

  • What do you do to increase your social media engagement?
  • You go live often - can you share your strategy for your lives?
  • How do you measure your social media success?
    • This is where your marketing funnel comes into play, so that you can track what traffic and leads come in through your various social media and marketing activities.

  • Do you spend money on social media ads?



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