Mornings with Mayesh: Joseph Massie



As one of Europe's top floral artists and 5 times RHS Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medalist, we are beyond excited to share with you our interview with Joseph Massie! Yvonne and Joe chatted about his flower journey, floral competitions, superpowers, sustainability, his upcoming online courses, and more! Scroll down to view photos of Joseph's work. Also, stay tuned for our next show and keep on sending in your floral questions.


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  • Before we get started Joseph, can you introduce yourself and tell you a bit about your flower story?

  • We are still in the midst of a pandemic - what does your business look like today and has it changed since COVID?

  • You told me that “creativity really is your superpower” - do you want to expand on that?

  • In a recent interview, I had Kristen Griffith VanderYacht on and he talked about how people can heal through creativity. I believe you also have thought along those same lines about how important your artistic fulfillment can be to your well-being and your bottom line. Can you tell me more about that? 

  • I know sustainability is something that is important to you. How has that shaped how you do things?
  • For those who are just starting in the floral industry or even for our veterans, do you have any thoughts on floral careers?

  • Finding educational opportunities has played a significant role in your growth as an artist. Can you discuss the value of education and what it means to you?

  • And speaking of education, I know that you are launching your own online courses - tell us more about that?
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Joseph Massie: all white flower arrangement using dahlias


Joseph Massie: Queen Anne's Lace table garland; garden wedding

Joseph Massie: Queen Anne's Lace, ivy, roses tall centerpiece; garden wedding

Joseph Massie: garden wedding bouquet in white and blush

Joseph Massie: garden wedding centerpiece in white and blush

Joseph Massie: bridal flower clutch or purse

Joseph Massie: Flower Arrangement

Joseph Massie: roses and dahlias large urn centerpiece





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