Mornings with Mayesh: Website Walk Through

Mayesh Website Tutorial and Walk-Through

Charity Reel joined Yvonne to chat about our website. They reviewed all of the available Mayesh Market online shopping tools along with the Flower Library, the Product Planner, Educational Downloads & more. Be sure to watch for a special coupon code good on one Mayesh Direct BoxLot order until November 30, 2020!!










  • Home page review
  • Before we move on to our buying and quoting tools found on our website, I just wanted to briefly talk about our blog & educational resources. 

  • Charity, we have two very powerful tools for our customers to use - both of which can be used to send quotes to their sales reps - Product Planner and our well known Flower Library. 


  • And now, let’s move on to our Flower Library. This amazing resource has over 7000 products listed that shows product availability. It is a work in progress as we are continuously trying to add more images and update the availability information.
    • Charity, do you want to share some of its features and we can show everyone ways on how to search for products & build quotes?
    • Use as a guide, not final word.
    • Product images may be different than the actual product depending on grower.
    • Colors can vary due to grower and/or people’s different computer settings.
    • The Flower Library defaults to the month that we are in, NOT the whole library.


  • Let’s dig into online shopping! We currently have 2 programs rolled out to all customers, and 1 that is up at a few of our branches. Charity, which program do you want to start with?
    • Farm Direct
    • Live & Local 
      • which branches have it
      • I’ve seen someone ask about why we don’t have the customer select the delivery date 
    • Mayesh Direct BoxLots
      • What are the best shopping days?
    • Longer shopping times - 1 hour instead of 30 mintues
    • New mixed boxes, smaller pack sizes, preserved flowers - hydrangea, spray roses, garden rose mixes, and more 
    • The star feature
    • Wish List - how does that feature work??
    • We are other shopping tools coming down the pipeline . . . be sure to stay tuned.


  • So many great shopping tools and resources, but the customer account has some great tools as well. Charity, can you run us through that a bit?



If you are ready to become a Mayesh customer, be sure to click the button below to register. 




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