Mornings with Mayesh: New Open Cut Flowers & More

Mornings with Mayesh: New Open Cut Flowers & More

Our very own flower expert, David Dahlson, was back on Mornings with Mayesh! David set up a show 'n tell of a handful of NEW flowers along with sharing some of his current seasonal faves that we know you are going to love! He kicks things off with stunning Hybrid Delph, Larkspur, Stock, and Duplo Asters that are open-cut! What does this mean for you? Well, if you are using them in events, they only need to be hydrated for 24 hours before using in designs as they are fully opened blooms compared to their regular counterparts that may need up to a week to open. These products are perfect for weddings and event work! Also, among other flowers, you can meet "Rediant" a brand new red rose that has NO thorns! Imagine working with that variety during Valentine's Day week!! 





  • I know you have a selection of new rose varieties to share with us - what is up first?
    • 1. Open Cut Hybrid Delph
      • 2 weeks lead time
      • 7-10 days vase life for the purple colors
      • 5 days vase life for white
      • available now
    • 2. Open Cut Larkspur - light pink, purple, white
      • vase life is 9-10 days
      • available now
    • 3. Open Cut Stock
      • open florets throughout the stem
      • available now
    • 4. Open Cut Duplo Aster 
      • get at least 10 days; only need 24 hour hydration period before ready to go
    • 5. Seaton J' Adore
    • 6. Strawflower
      • put them in a good light source; the dark will cause them to close up
      • can dry them
      • available all year long
      • available now
    • 7. Helleborus Doubles from Ecuador 60 cm
      • huge stems of Helleborus from Ecuador
      • very limited - we only get a couple of boxes each week but availability will be better next year.
      • a couple of weeks lead time
      • 50, 60, 70 cm stems
    • 8. Rediant Rose
      • a true red rose that opens up beautifully
      • no thorns
      • when you take the guard petals they open a bit more pave - looks very elegant
      • Available now; will be Miami Direct BoxLots in January
      • very limited
      • keeps them color saturation throught life 
      • 12-14 day vase life
    • 9. Peonies
      • Red Charm - a bomb
        • will need to order
      • Old Faithful


If you are interested in ordering any of these new flowers, then be sure to reach out to your sales rep. We hope to have many of these items available for online shopping at the beginning of the new year.


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