Mornings with Mayesh: New Rose Varieties with David Dahlson

Mornings with Mayesh: New Rose Varieties with David Dahlson

Our very own flower expert, David Dahlson, is our guest, and boy, does he have some treats for you. David has set up 18 new rose varieties to share with you! We are always in search of the latest & greatest and I’m so excited to share these roses with you! Which one is your favorite?


Below are the podcast, video replay, and show notes:








  • David, before we get started can share about your most recent trip to Ecuador?

  • I know you have a selection of new rose varieties to share with us - what is up first?

      • Blanche (white)
        • white spray rose - pure snow-white - comes 10 stems per bunch.
      • Princess Fairy Kiss (light pink)
        • pale pink spray rose
      • Wedding Rosever Pink (pink)
        • 3-4 flowers per stem - strong stems - large spray roses - garden rose look - very hardy and takes some time to open
      • Wedding Pink Jewel (pale pink)
        • wild flower look - very relaxed - there is a little damage on the outside but disappears as the rose opens
      • Garden Bridal Jewel (lavender)
        • more erect garden spray rose - takes some time to open

      • Princess Aiko (peach)
        • nodding rose heads - deep peach with a lot of color in the center - very romantic and gorgeous color
        • remember what you see is not necessarily what you get. often the color changes as it opens
      • Eugenia (blush)
        • (David Austin) - sent is very informal - nodding rose head but sturdy stems - very large rose head - pale blush pink 
      • Leonora (pale yellow)
        • (David Austin) - off white/ivory with notes of cream, French Vanilla, pale pale yellow, the outside is pure white
        • with all David Austin garden roses, never remove the guard petals
      • Tsumugi (pale pink)
        • Japanese variety - creamy pink and looks delicate, but is a very strong rose and would recommend for wedding work, and has a great vase life that would make it a great variety for everyday designs as well.
      • Princess Maya (pale peach)
        • delicate color - allow time to open to see its true color, 
      • Cafe Latte (mocha brown)
        • NOTE: David was saying Cafe Au Lait but he meant Cafe Latte
        • use for events and wedding work - opens in 3-4 days and doesn’t have a long vase life - muddy tones of coffee, silk, brown with hues of beige and hints of lavender - very complex color

      • Veggie (green/cream)
        • is green and looks ugly in the package - opens slowly and when it is opened fully it is sensational - looks more like an old-English clematis - will be more available by early fall

    • ROSES
      • Lady Eva (pale shell pink)
        • pale pink similar to the Hanoi ranunculus - very pink on the outside, doesn’t open a lot so David recommends removing the guard petals.
      • Ginette (pale mauve)
        • pale mauve-pink rose with hints of lavender - with a wonderful spiral - similar to Faith or Secret Garden - David recommends removing guard petals and would be good for weekly work in addition to weddings & events.
      • Bogart (apricot/tomoato)
        • looks much different when fully opened - peach color with hot pink outer petals - looks like a Tequila Sunrise drink. 
      • Capriccio (old gold)
        • this is an old rose - gold, bronze color - looks like a gaudy yellow in the package but opens to a beautiful color - you can use this in a weekly with a vase life of 8-10 days - if using in a wedding be sure to bring them in time - opens pave.
      •  Moab (mocha pink)
        • won’t be available until August - large headed rose - not quite like Cafe Au Lait - has a bit more pink, bronze with hints of lavender and is much larger than Cafe Au Lait - opens nicely at a medium pace so you can bring in Tuesday/Wednesday for a Saturday wedding.
      • Aly (damask ivory)
        • like the garden roses from the 1950s - high pointed teas - off white, like damask linens, beige top - a cross between Vendela and a smudge of Quicksand - sensational scent of a fragrant lemon perfume - very strong heads/stems, 



  • When are the new varieties expected to be available at Mayesh?
    • these are new and limited but are available now, unless otherwise noted
  • Are these available online or should we reach out to a sales rep?
    • some may be available to purchase online and you can always place your orders with your sales rep. 




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