Mornings with Mayesh: October 29



During our latest Mornings with Mayesh, Shean Strong & Yvonne Ashton answered a variety of flower questions. Topics like ordering flowers, designing with amaryllis, design mechanics, booking more events, and more were discussed. Join the conversation & watch the replay today!


Mark your calendars for November 26 for our next show featuring special guest, Rachael Lunghi of Siren Floral Co. I hope you can join us and keep on sending in your floral questions!


Here are the video, podcast replay, and show notes:









  • From Liz: How do you get out of a rut of ordering the same flowers over and over again?


  • From Ann: I would like to grow lisianthus in a suburb of Portland, Oregon and am wondering where I can get starts or are they called plugs? I've read that starting them from seed is very hard. Any advice you have will be helpful and much appreciated.
    • Yvonne: I don’t know much about growing flowers, so I reached out to my flower friend, Debra Prinzing of Slow Flowers and this is what she had to share:
      • Lisianthus is definitely hard to start from seed if you don't have grow lights, a greenhouse and a heat mat!
      • There are plugs available from a few sources; the challenge may be minimum ordering quantities from the suppliers. One thing I've heard from farmer-florists is to gather several people together to "go in" on an order that meets the minimums but also gets you the best price per plug.
      • Places to check:
      • also Farmer Bailey Plugs: 
        • **Join the FB Group for more access to available varieties





  • Yvonne, 10/22: Are there any tips for working with amaryllis as a cut flower in centerpieces or even wedding party bouquets? Wondering about how Long I’ll they keep fresh in a bouquet or oasis? Do they arrive from Mayesh open or what suggestions for coaxing open if they are still closed? Suggestions for companions in a non-Christmas event where the holiday theme is to be avoided. 
    • Depends on how you order them open or closed. I find the do not do well in oasis
    • stems split
    • beautiful in bouquets
    • soft stem needs water
    • Here's a video with tips & tricks to use when designing with Amaryllis:


  • Karen, 10/22: Tips/tricks for increasing longevity of dahlias, especially Cafe Au Lait and Ranunculus when used in bouts.
    • They are a soft stem so they need to be in water- try using ranun buds - and dahlias need fresh water- do nor put them in oasis. 
    • Yvonne: an oldie but goody video that talks about caring for dahlias: 


  • From Penny, 10/22: Shean, what inspired you to be a designer? From there  what inspired your grand designs? We need a show of mechanics for grand structures!!
    • Thanks so much for the question - like a lot of florists I got asked to help with a friends wedding
    • Inspiration found with my clients
    • Found in other designers - that's why I say I want to see your interpretations
    • Art is subjective - it's created for beauty and an emotional reaction


    • Tara, 10/22: I’d be interested in the mechanics used in the tall table top arrangements. I make a fairly simple but very  pretty one. I’d love to see the next level ones or even just another version of the simple round tall arrangements.
      • I'd love to share the mechanics on how to do something larger like that- zip ties, great base, and chicken wire, etc
      • Check out October's large centerpiece design video

    • From Marie, 10/22, FB: For extending the life of the arch build: do you insert the greenery onsite or do you build it along with the flowers and into the cage. For most arches, how much is recommended to build on site?
      • I build all my arches on site - occasionally if I have a lot to do I'll green them beforehand and transport them - and add the flowers on site. I don't use any cages or anything; typically i just use chicken wire.

  • Pamela: Oh my gosh, I could really use corsage help. What are your preferred mechanics? I love those slap bracelets in theory but they're hard. Do you wire? Glue? How soon in the timeline do you build them? Please help! Corsages are my nightmare.  
    • I use metal cuffs- I get them at Hobby Lobby or Michaels - I also have a link on my IG page- oasis floral glue- and ribbon
    • photo example of my corsages





  • Christi & Katelynn: - When is it best to do a Mayesh Pull versus ordering the exact number of stems and flower types you are looking for? (i.e. how do you ensure your Mayesh Pull will have enough stems for what you need to do?) How do you handle billing a bride when doing a Mayesh pull? How many days in advance do you plan for processing and designing before an event? 
    • communicate with you rep
    • if you count stems - count your stems. 
    • I don't follow a recipe so its really easy for me
    • receive on Wednesday or Thursday process that day let them get hydrated - design Thursday or Friday and set on Saturday 
    • billing - same way you're doing now - you send them a quote and your bride approves then buy your flowers

  • Sarah: Hi Team Mayesh!!!! I am a new floral designer and stumbling upon your YouTube channel and your podcasts has absolutely been the most amazing thing that has happened to me in this entrepreneurial and artistic journey. I can't stress how much I have learned from you and all of the incredible floral designers you showcase. I am truely blown away by the community you are nurturing and the  confidence you have given me through the knowledge and advise you share has been so empowering. I truly want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart! With that being said I do actually have a question!!! I am a bit unsure how to deal with pricing and policy of "rentals" or the hardware of my designs. Are there any general industry standards for pricing vases, candles, other decor items and if they are treated as rentals how do you allow customers to take flowers with them if they want to keep any arrangements?

    • I don't like the term “ industry standard" - it limits you.
    • rentals if you own them you can rent them for 1 dollar or 2 dollars or 50  whatever you want 
    • if you are renting them - typically people do a markup on those
    • candles and such typically people do a markup on those
    • bring plastic disposable vessels - factor it in to the clients price if they want the flowers 
    • option to donate take flowers etc.

  • Tara, 10/22: I would be very interested in flower orders, when and how best to place them. How to make sure you have enough, but not too much. Ya know ;) curious how other florists interacts with the vendors.
    • Depends on the season- i think? I've placed orders 5 months out- and then this past wedding i placed an order 1 week before--- I wouldn't recommend that--- but I would talk with you wholesaler and ask their opinion- 
    • You can never have too many flowers :)
    • talk about my pricing guide that's coming out. 


  • 10.7, From Ahna: How do you account for staffing, labor and delivery in scenarios for weddings that require at least 3 hours of travel? 
    • hours worked is paid
    • per diem
    • rental vans
    • account for gas and such


  • Karese, 10/22: 
    • 1)  I have been in the wedding flower business for just under one year and business is still very slow.  Do you have any recommendations on how to book more weddings? I have Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, a website and some styled shoots already.
    • 2)  Is there free or low cost advertising that works for wedding floral design?

      • Investment is key- and doing it right- put $300  in one post this engagement season
      • free is posting beautiful work all the time - engage with people on IG. talk to planners, photographers, there isn't a secret its just networking and making people want to work with you.
      • IG is free marketing - 92% of my business comes from Instagram posts and then the rest from planners. 



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