Mornings with Mayesh: Putnam & Putnam on Flower Color Theory

Mornings with Mayesh: Putnam & Putnam on Flower Color Theory

Darroch and Michael Putnam of Putnam & Putnam were my very special guests on yesterday's Mornings with Mayesh!! They have collaborated on projects ranging from events with Dior to installations for Beyoncé and have been featured in countless magazines. The Putnams visited the show to share about their second book, Flower Color Theory - a follow-up to Flower Color Guide that features 175 different arrangements! Afterward, we dove into some of your flower questions that included: do they forage, which floral designers inspire them, when did they feel like they "made it", and so much more! 


Here is the podcast, video replay, and show notes:









  • Before we dive into all of the great audience questions and the excitement of your book, can you tell us a little bit about yourselves and how you both ended up in the flower industry?

  • What inspired you two to take on creating and publishing Flower Color Theory?

  • Who is your intended audience, and what do you hope they gain from your book?

    Flower Color Theory Press Release_S21_NA-3
  • How long did it take you to create the content for the book? What was the process like?

  • Of the 175 arrangements and color palettes that are included in the book, can you share a couple of your favorites?

Flower Color Theory Press Release_S21_NA

  • What was your favorite part of the whole book creation process?



  • I recently heard about your Putnam Flower Channel. Can you share with us what that is all about?


Flower Color Theory Press Release_S21_NA-2


  • @botanical_jenn: Do y’all forage like everyone else?

  • @je.suis.gilberto: Are you planning another workshop soon? I missed the last one.

  • @noonansdesigns: When’s the next podcast coming? 
    • Unicorns do Exist

  • From Wesley:
    • Becoming one of the most successful floral companies in New York is so impressive. How did you get a leg up on your competition? When you started where did you find the majority of your sales from? For example: photoshoots, advertisements or referrals.

  • Who are some floral designers that inspire you? 43:00
  • From Sarah:
    • What was the turning point in your business when you felt like you had "made it" in the industry? 
    • And what were the steps you took to get there that you felt worked and would recommend to someone just starting out? 
    • Were there things you did to try to grow your business that you would now consider to have been a waste of time/money/energy?

  • From Ashley:
    • As someone who is in her first year of business, I'd love to know how you began to build networks and clients in such a large, intimidating city as New York City. I am different from most floral designers, in that I want to focus largely on film, fashion, and brand editorial work. Any tips on how to get started in the creative industry in a new city?

  • @bussysitterclub: Is there a color palette that you wish was more popular or less popular?
    • Less: white and green
    • More: more color & red





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