Mornings with Mayesh: Retail Floristry with Amanda Bowman

Mornings with Mayesh: Amanda Bowman


Amanda Bowman of Amanda Bee's Floral Designs and our July & August Mayesh Design Star was our guest this week. She is once again bringing the retail perspective into our series and conversation this year. We are going to chat about her retail program, containers, flower subscriptions, software & websites for retailers, shop events & more!

Here is the podcast, video replay, and show notes:










  • We are still taking Mayesh Design Star applications for 2022, so if you’ve been thinking about wanting to apply, don’t procrastinate, or wait for the perfect moment. NOW is the imperfect moment to take a chance!!
  • Your second video featured your floral arrangements -- lower flowers count and higher labor as compared to your posies that are higher flower count and lower labor. You mentioned that the smaller of the two sizes that you offer is $60. Can you break-down on how you priced this out?
    • Small size = single posie designed in a vase.
    • Big Boy = a triple posie designed in a vase.

  • People seem to be having issues sourcing containers. Where do you source yours?
    • Floral Supply Syndicate
    • work with local ceramicist

  • When you are designing, do you use chicken wire inside of the vase or do you use some other design mechanic to keep the stems in place?
    • Oasis Brand chicken wire

  • Someone asked about where you source your floral wrap from - can you share your source?
  • I see that you offer flower subscriptions - how is that program going for you? Do you have any tips for others that want to start offering subscriptions?
  • Let’s chat about tech for retailers. What software programs & websites do you use to make your life easier?


  • I see that you just recently hosted your “Flowers & Dough” workshop - can tell us about it and let us know how it went?

  • TikTok - with almost 2500 followers and a good number of posts, has this social media platform helped your business?

  • I know we are focusing on retail flowers, but do you do weddings & events?
    • offer 2 different services - full service (there’s a min.) or weddings on-demand (online, no customization/streamline - no min.) 




Flower Phenom
  • how do you go about pricing events?
    • Uses Allison Ellis Flower Math - 30% cost; 70% profit

  • The Cottage QC
    • I want to know how to make retail florists look cooler on social media than event florists lol





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