Mornings with Mayesh: Retail Flower Business with Amanda Bowman

Amanda Bowman - Amanda Bee's Floral Designs - Mornings with Mayesh


Our newest Mayesh Design Star, Amanda Bowman of Amanda Bee's Floral Design, joined Yvonne for our latest episode. She is bringing the retail perspective into our series this year and we are excited to dive more into the topic. Learn more about her retail posey program, tips for getting started in retail, flower deliveries, florist websites & so much more!

Here is the podcast, video replay, and show notes:







  • I love when we create videos on a topic that we’ve never covered and we’ve never talked about retail poseys. I hope everyone has watched the video, but for those who haven’t can you do a quick recap of your posey program? 


  • Do you have any advice for floral designers who want to add or start a retail facet to their existing business?
    • Be a sponge and don’t judge
    • Make it easy - like poseys
    • Go freelance and work for other flower shops that you admire and that are successful


  • Let’s talk about deliveries:
    • What are some struggles you face?
    • How do you figure out how much to charge?
    • What should you consider when deciding to hire or do-it-yourself?

  • Websites are important in doing business today - do you have any tips for retail flower websites?
    • Shopify - made for people who do deliveries
    • Always use someone who helps with the websites
    • Need someone that is familiar with Shopfy’s code

  • Questions from Susan:
    • How do you juggle not knowing what orders are coming in daily with what flowers they have on hand to help minimize waste?
    • How many arrangements do they have on their website? Do you have arrangements and hand-tied bouquets on there? 
    • Are you part of a wire service- if so what percent of your business comes from them? If not, were you ever and why did you discontinue them?


  • @missflowerheart
    • I’m super new to this and I’ve been thinking to start small and get to work, but I still don’t feel confident enough! any recommendation on how to take the first step?
  • @wazzup_riah
    • I just started my own shop out of my garage and I’m still so intimidated at the wholesalers! How do you plan an order for the workweek? 

  • @lordflackojordy
    • I have another question! Opinions on purchasing an existing flower shop that’s maybe retiring & rebranding, vs starting a retail space from scratch with your own brand?

  • @poplargrovefloral
    • Can you share this link:
    • she also asked if it adds moisture to the air?
    • Coolbot! Any good place to find info on those? I’ve heard of them, but not sure what they are exactly! Like costs & how to use them.

  • La Casa Floral MTY
    • When you started your business, did you have a cooler? Where I live in summer it’s very hot




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